Brita Fiess

  • Graduate Studies: General and Historical Linguistics, English Philology, and Social Anthropology at the George August University Göttingen, Germany.
  • Classical Studies:  Latin and  Greek ("Großes Latinum" and "Graecum").
  • Student assistant in the project "Current-Contents North America" of the State and University Library of Lower Saxony at Göttingen which was financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation).
  • Degree: M. A. (Grade: "Excellent").
  • Graduate assistant to the Chair of Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology as well as Lecturer of Modern Greek at the Seminar of Classical Philology of the George August University Göttingen, Germany.
  • First steps as an in-house translator at the Göttigen Genomics Laboratory of the Institute for Microbiology and Genetics of the George August University Göttingen, Germany.
  • Since 2007 full-time freelance translator specialised in medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and biotech translations.
  • Since 2013 member of the Certified PRO Network for the language combination English to German.   

Stays Abroad:    

  • 1994: University of Jyväskylä (Finland): Scholarship granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and CIMO (Finland).
  • 1998: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece): Scholarship granted by the  University of Athens.
  • 1998: Institute for Balkan Studies (Thessaloniki/Greece): Scholarship granted by the Greek Ministery of Culture. 

 Continuing Professional Development in Translation Studies: 

  • "Translation for environmental organizations I+II". Webinar.
  • "Translating for Food Industry". Webinar.
  • "Medical Journals: Translating like A Writer, Not A Scientist". Webinar.
  • "The Patient's Perspective: Best Practices for Translating ICFs and PILs". Webinar.
  • "How to align your legacy translations in order to obtain a Translation Memory for future use". Webinar.
  • "The Anatomy of a Clinical Trial Protocol: Important Concepts and Essential Terminology for Accurate Translation". Webinar.
  • "Die Across Translator Edition v6.3 für Einsteiger“. Webinar. 17 January 2017. Across Systems GmbH.
  • "Quality Assurance in TWB Kató with lexiQA". Webinar. 27 February 2018. Translators Without Borders in collaboration with lexiqa.
  • "Understanding Cancer for Medical Language Professionals". Webinar. 8 January 2019. eCPD Webinars and Jason Willis-Lee. 
  • "Blood Tests Made Easy for Medical Language Professionals". Webinar. 5 February 2019. eCPD Webinars and Jason Willis-Lee. 

Continuing Professional Development in Medicine: 

  •  "Exploring Cancer Medicines". MOOC. University of Leeds via FutureLearn.
  •  "Vital Signs: Understanding What the Body is Telling Us".MOOC. University of Pennsylvania via Coursera.
  • "Introduction to the Biology of Cancer". MOOC. Johns Hopkins University via Coursera. 
  • "Understanding Cancer Metastasis". MOOC. Johns Hopkins University über die Online-Plattform Coursera. 
  • "Personalizing the Management of Multiple Sclerosis: Current and Emerging Therapies." Webinar. 14 September 2017. Bruce Cohen, MD, Professor in Neurology, via Med Learning Group. 
  • "Understanding Dementia". MOOC. University of Tasmania and Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre.
  • "Preventing Dementia". MOOC. University of Tasmania and Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre.
  • "Progress in MS Research Live Update 2018". Live-Stream. 28 August 2018. MS Research Australia.
  • Attendance of the "3. Lungentagung Worms: Asthma, COPD und häufige Begleiterkrankungen." Worms. 22 September 2018.
  • "Protecting Health Data in the Modern Age: Getting to Grips with the GDPR." MOOC. University of Groningen via FutureLearn.
  • "Good Brain, Bad Brain: Basics". MOOC. University of Birmingham via FutureLearn.
  • "Good Brain, Bad Brain: Parkinson's Disease". MOOC. University of Birmingham via FutureLearn.
  • "Good Brain, Bad Brain: Drug Origins". MOOC. University of Birmingham via FutureLearn.
  • "Genomic Medicine: Transforming Patient Care in Diabetes". MOOC. University of Exeter via FutureLearn.
  • "It Starts with Your Heart: Understanding Heart and Circulatory Diseases". MOOC British Heart Foundation via FutureLearn.

Continuing Professional Development in Dentistry: 

  • "Introduction to Dental Medicine". MOOC. University of Pennsylvania via Coursera.
  • "Implant Dentistry". MOOC. University of Hong Kong via Coursera.
  • Visit to the International Dental Show 2017 (IDS 2017).
  • "Success and Failure with Dental Implants: Comprehensive Maintenance of Patients with Dental Implants". Webinar. 28 March 2017. Nikos Mattheos, DDS, MASc, PhD, via Curaden Campus.
  • "Sofortimplantation und Sofortversorgung". Live Webinar. 27  September 2018. Dr. Joachim Beck-Mußotter via Dental Tribune DT Study Club. 
  • "Mundgesundheit und Allgemeinerkrankungen - Welche Zusammenhänge gibt es?". Live Webinar. 28 November 2018. Priv. Doz. Dr. Dirk Ziebolz M.Sc. via Dental Tribune DT Study Club. 

Continuing Professional Development in Biotechnology: 

  •  "Introduction to Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Technology". Webinar. 12 January 2017. Dr. Wolfgang Krebs, QIAGEN AG. 
  • "Bioprinting: 3D Printing Body Parts". MOOC. University of Wollongong via FutureLearn.

Continuing Professional Development in Biology: 

  • "Understanding Plants - Part I: What a Plant Knows". MOOC. Tel Aviv University via Coursera.
  • "How does the Body Use DNA as a Blueprint?". MOOC. University of Aberdeen via FutureLearn.


  • Deutscher Verband der freien Übersetzer und Dolmetscher e.V. (DVÜD) 
  • Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET)
  • European Medical Writers Association (EMWA)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde (DGZMK)
  • European Academy of Neurology (EAN).

Selected Published Translations:  

Published Blogs:


  • "Der Genitiv bei Modalverben im Finnischen: Seine Syntax und Semantik in unpersönlichen Nezessivkonstruktionen." Göttinger Linguistische Abhandlungen 1. Göttingen, Peust & Gutschmidt, 2000.
  • Co-worker of the revised edition of the Greek/German Euro Dictionary published by the renowned publishing house Langenscheidt: Griechisch: Griechisch-Deutsch/Deutsch-Griechisch. Völlige Neubearbeitung. Berlin: Langenscheidt, 2008.
  • Various publications in linguistic and philological journals.