all you can voice

You are looking for a professional voiceover recording for your video by a native speaker of German, Italian or French? Together with our partner, all you can ear, we offer high quality recordings in German, Italian and French.


You need subtitles for your promotional video, your image film, event film, your educational video or documentary? We offer professional subtitling and transciption services for the following languages: German, English, French, and Greek.


We only need a script or a video to be able to record the voiceover. If you cannot provide us with a script, we can also offer you a transcription of your video. In case your video is only available in the original version, we gladly provide you with a quote for a complete package including the transcription of the video, the translation of the transcript, as well as the voiceover recording.

Here you may find further information on our speakers and our studio equipment.

For voice samples please click here.

subtitling and TRANScRIPTION

We produce subtitles for your video in German, English, French, and Greek. Our expertise ensures high quality subtitles that maintain the key message of the video while keeping the focus on the target audience. For customers that are not able to provide us with a transcript of the video, we also offer a complete package including the transcription, the translation and the implementation of the subtitles into the video.